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What I’m all about November 21, 2007

Posted by thedotcomillusionist in About Me, Advertising.
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So begins my foray into the vast lands of the Internet…


As last generation’s land of opportunity was America, I believe the next opportunity is in the digital space. Is it safe to make that correlation?


… And I’m not being purely speculative, as we see thousands of people making a decent living doing small things like blogging (see John Chow’s impressive monthly revenue) and selling digital real estate on Second Life (see article on Anshe Chung on BusinessWeek) to the much larger and more conventional ventures providing video/image/advertising/whatever else content sharing services that are absorbed into larger tech companies for millions, and sometime billions. The world has shown me that there is a fascination in anything and everything, from a psychotic wannabe actress YouTubing her suicidal life, to a fanatic defending his favorite singer (“Leave her alone…I MEAN IT!”), so any publicity is good, right? The digital world is what you make of it, and for those who have taken the plunge much sooner than I have, I see the obvious benefits, that being –


  • very little to no initial capital investments (of course I’m talking about utilizing free service blogging/hosting/service websites)

  • the ability for global reach (or at least those who speak English or use translators)

  • limitless revenue potential


So here’s me – I was born and raised in Silicon Valley, I was recently in equity research at a technology investment bank, but have left several months ago, and trying to transition into a position at a big tech or tech start-up. In the meantime, I have taken steps to learn programming. Php, mysql, ajax, javascript, although my current focus is learning Drupal (which is almost as confusing as programming itself!) As a product of my environment, I am very entrepreneurial by nature. Growing up, I’ve seen people move in, only to move out a year later when their start-up tanks. As such, I am fascinated, possibly obsessed with the fast paced, cyclical, instant hit or go down in flames mentality of the technology world. One day you can be the only entrant in your space, hemorrhaging your users into oblivion. The next day, you can be yesterday’s news. Albeit this falls to the tendency of all industries, the web is much more sneaky, and and the time frame tends to be much shorter.


My dreams are not unusual, not for a Silicon Valley resident. Make my mark on the world, hit the internet lottery, remove myself from the corporate cog, enrich the lives of those around me, and then fade into history. My typical wet dreams typically consist of awesome products/services that I believe will generate the maximum amount of hedons for mankind. I have been involved in developing many dot com concepts, many of which have led to disappointment. Reasons….lack of technology, bad programming, bad team, a whole slew of things. I am what you would call a surface scratcher, I only think of the cool parts of the business, but oftentimes do not think about the dry parts (overhead, program backend, the stuff essential to a successful business)


So what will this blog be about? Ideas….primarily tech ideas. For those who know me, my time is unproductively spent thinking of ideas. I try to frame my ideas around my understanding of the technology space and work experience. Of course, this sometimes does not necessarily prove to be the case. I won’t talk about colonizing Mars, but I will talk about creating a website mashup of social networking and avatar technology with a focus on the fashion/retail industry, with the monetizing potential.


I tend to speak my mind without any consequence. I may occasionally publish a curse word or two, but only when I want to really emphasize something. I am grammatically incorrect, I like make assumptions, I talk too much and tend to digress often, and I like to include a lot of “…”’s and disclaimer comments in (parenthesis) in my attempt to show that I have thought out some of my statements to a certain extent.


What do I hope to get out of this? Improved writing skills, good opportunities, good discussions, and of course, money (whoring out my blog with ads in the most minimally intrusive way possible). Will I ever be able to make as much as my fellow bloggers? In time, would like this blog to be a center of innovative discussion with high level of interactivity, with meaningful relationships, and I’m not the only person blogging. With that, I plan to somehow incorporate forums as the center for discussion (comments are not the most intuitive). I am blessed with the pleasure of knowing, (although limited), venture capitalists, investment bankers, engineers, programmers, all with passions (not obsessions) in technology. Hopefully if I can get a decent audience, I can get some of them to be a featured blogger.


Thanks for reading, stay tuned, and welcome!