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Gameplan – the overambitious version November 22, 2007

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Ok, so not an afterschool special, more like the evening rendezvous.  So hopefully over the next few days (and by next few days, I mean a few days after having passed out from food coma from destroying half a turkey), I hope to have a few things accomplished.


  • For the blog, further developing the monetizing and marketing capabilities. (I will go into further detail in a second…Relax!)

  • Further developing two mini websites which I hope to launch in the next month or two…One is a focus on manga, other is review site of nighttime venues (bars, clubs, eateries open past midnight). Both are quite similar in structure, so I’ll probably do both at the same time, we’ll see.

  • Posting several more blogs – a preface on my views of online advertising, and the issues that I have with it, followed with the first idea (which I had briefly mentioned in my first post) and my grand scheme for it. It was one of my first web 2.0 related ideas, so I am quite proud of it.


Monetizing this blog – So far I have feedburner working for me. After looking over other bloggers (JohnChow, HomeWithHeather, NetBusinessBlog, GigaOM, iwasdeniedcredit – here are my shameless pingback plugs), I’ve decided that I will be signing up for a few other advertising solutions. Here is a list of advertising solutions that I plan to include with a short description –


  • Google Adsense – Self explanatory. Contextual advertising targeted toward the content of the page. The payout minimum is $100, so looks like I wont get a paycheck from them anytime soon at my current readership. 😦

  • Yahoo Publisher Network – Hearing a lot of good things about this solution. People seem to be getting paid more. But that doesn’t matter if the ads aren’t more relevant, right? I’ll have to do more research on this, maybe I’ll use this over Adsense.

  • Bidvertiser – Similar to Google Adsense, this serves CPC ads. Minimum payout is $10. Sadly, this may take some time too… $*&@! 🙂

  • In-Text Advertising with Kontera or Intellitxt aka. Vibrant Media– Both serve advertisements inside the content, and some quick googling has shown that there used to be differing traffic requirements (Intellitxt’s 500k vs Kontera’s 50k), but now Kontera has upped their requirements to 500k too. Intellitxt seems to have a higher eCPM rate (almost 5 times?), but we’ll see which one will accept little ‘ol me into their program.

  • Text-Link-Ads – A little less familiar format than Google Adsense (more sneaky), providing…yes, you guessed it, text link ads.

  • Feedburner – CPM advertising for site RSS and the website. I like CPM solutions, although I know many of the tech readers will have some adblocking..Damn you!




  • AzoogleAds – Performance based CPA advertising. I’m pretty certain I won’t be putting this on my blog because I’m going to assume that my readers will be coming here to read, discuss ideas, make silly willy comments, not looking for things to buy. Hmmm….cool ideas, no wait….a dvd box set of south park!…not going to happen… But maybe it will for my mini sites?



Marketing this Blog –


  • Blogrush – Not quite sure what to make of it yet, but doesn’t seem to be many out of box blog traffic exchange solutions. People say that it only helps the big guys, but I’ll probably give it a go anyways to see how it does.


Hopefully things will get better in terms of readership, then I can close my eyes, open my arms and scream, “OOOOOOOOOOOO”


Okay, long winded section. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is just me laying everything out on the table, if those of you thinking that this is starting to look more like an online marketing blog. We will get to the meat of this blog in later posts.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Morning Tickle November 21, 2007

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After I published my first post just yesterday, I was delighted this morning to find that people had actually visited my blog! 6 views according to wordpress (claims that I myself am not included), and 3 rss subscriptions according to feed burner (although I subscribed to it myself, so only 2….damn it!) And I’ve only sent my blog to one person to read. Pretty weak huh? It will take some time for me to get on the same page as other online marketing blog gurus, but when it happens, it will be oh so sweet….


As a blogging newbie, I’ve read from other bloggers who had blogged their methods of marketing and monetizing, but the act of implementation is much more different. So far the only monetizing tool I’ve implemented is the feedburner, and I stopped there because I haven’t figured out how to remove the default rss link provided by wordpress. Do I have to pay extra in order to further customize my blog? Double damn it…And what is a pingback? I know after I write this post, I’ll google search it, but I’ve included it in this post for the purpose of showing my newbie-ness in blogging…..ok I now know what it is, and have included it in my localized drupal blogging/forum website. Also, I’m terrible at tagging.


Stay tuned for an afterschool special edition where I’ll cover my next steps for this blog, steps for monetizing, and development updates on my niche websites.