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Morning Tickle November 21, 2007

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After I published my first post just yesterday, I was delighted this morning to find that people had actually visited my blog! 6 views according to wordpress (claims that I myself am not included), and 3 rss subscriptions according to feed burner (although I subscribed to it myself, so only 2….damn it!) And I’ve only sent my blog to one person to read. Pretty weak huh? It will take some time for me to get on the same page as other online marketing blog gurus, but when it happens, it will be oh so sweet….


As a blogging newbie, I’ve read from other bloggers who had blogged their methods of marketing and monetizing, but the act of implementation is much more different. So far the only monetizing tool I’ve implemented is the feedburner, and I stopped there because I haven’t figured out how to remove the default rss link provided by wordpress. Do I have to pay extra in order to further customize my blog? Double damn it…And what is a pingback? I know after I write this post, I’ll google search it, but I’ve included it in this post for the purpose of showing my newbie-ness in blogging…..ok I now know what it is, and have included it in my localized drupal blogging/forum website. Also, I’m terrible at tagging.


Stay tuned for an afterschool special edition where I’ll cover my next steps for this blog, steps for monetizing, and development updates on my niche websites.